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reading and releases

I've usually been updating my activities and quasi-commercial endeavors here, but I wanted those who haven't stumbled over there to know about the following. (Apologies for especially awkward html - no time to fiddle today.)

Tuesday 12/4, I'm reading at a launch for the 2011 edition of Da Capo's Best Music Writing, edited by Alex Ross, who was kind enough to include the piece I wrote on Felice and Boudleaux Bryant for the Oxford American. Excellent bench, including Kalefa Sanneh, Nancy Griffin, Nitsuh Abebe, and Wendy Lesser. At powerHouse Arena in Dumbo, 37 Main St., 7 p.m. (free). Directions and lineup at the link.

A new Human Hearts 7" (w/ download code) is now available from Fayettenam Records for $6 postpaid. One side rocks, one side creeps; neither one is on our forthcoming album. You can buy it right here: you can also stream both songs here, but you also like to possess music in a durable form, right? Right?

Fayettenam has also just released Grow Up/Move Out, a download-only compilation. In addition to The Human Hearts, contributors include Bill Goffrier (Big Dipper/the Embarrasment), Ron House (Great Plains), Kleenex Girl Wonder, and my homies Refrigerator and Peter Peter Hughes. This is the label's final release, and the proceeds benefit City Harvest. Download it for $7 here.

Lastly, I play guitar on several tracks on Drew Gardner's Flarf Orchestra, featuring readings by K. Silem Mohammed, Sharon Mesmer, Nada Gordon, Rod Smith and others, accompanied by a host of excellent NYC and D.C. out-jazz players.