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the human hearts, civics (tight ship)

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nothing painted blue, taste the flavor (shrimper)

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Ange says kind things about Bree. If there is one thing we can safely say about her act, it's that any "making it new" that's going on is purely accidental, and likely the result of my hack pianism. I do not know what Lou (& Laurie) thought; I was not introduced. We have two more shows, Friday and Sunday; details here.


Pleased and a bit suprised to find Deborah Meadows, a fine L.A. poet whom too many people I ask have never read, appearing in The Brooklyn Rail. These new paratactic sonnets look to be less "written through" other texts (Melville, Quine) than her other work; in any case, her ear remains sure. The first appears to being with a reference to David Frum.


Revisions 1: I don't have it to hand, but I could swear that the version of "For the CGT" on Rod Smith's Fear the Sky CD has a second half that reverses the first: something like: "...we are too tired to overthrow the government. That is why we must fall in love." I'd be interested to know the thinking behind cutting this from the version in Deed.


Revisions 2: Over three years ago, I twitted Bill Berkson for misdentifying Vernon Duke as the lyricist rather than composer of "I Can't Get Started With You" in a poem from Fugue State. The poem is reprinted in this year's Our Friends Will Pass Among You Silently, with the relevant lines corrected. I'm glad that our senses of the persnickety match. (To be clear, I do not take it that he read my post.)


3 pull-quotes from Noah Eli Gordon's Novel Pictorial Noise: "Why should a thread understand a carpet?" "The globe may be the worst object ever invented." "No matter how often I click on this icon, the beetle refuses to come out of its box." Took me 2/3 of the book to notice that each of the prose blocks closes with a couplet. More my speed, overall, than A Fiddle Pulled From the Throat of the Sparrow.


Ted Greenwalt, interviewed by Arlo Quint in the Poetry Project Newsletter: "Poetry is the only thing which hasn't been called poetic."

Mutatis mutandis "philosophy" and "philosophical," I often feel.