fjb, local currency: solo 1992-1998 (fayettenam)

the human hearts, civics (tight ship)

the human hearts on myspace

nothing painted blue, taste the flavor (shrimper)

info on older band and solo work; I have no idea who compiled the scarily complete discographies

free music, discography, etc. here

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money (literally) quote

...from T.J. Clark's eloquent address to protesting members of the UC Berkeley community, which you should read in full:

"A university [...] feels the despair of those for whom community college or the Cal State system seemed to offer a way forward, and who now see their courses cancelled and buildings shuttered. And all this – this is what is unforgivable – in a state whose concentrations of private and corporate wealth remain immense, but which a failed political system has put off limits even when the very life or death of our society is at stake."

This resonates for me not only as an alum and former graduate employee of UCLA, but also as the son of my father, who has taught in the community college system for three decades (and continues to do so, and who reports that the social science division offerings at his school (San Bernardino Valley Collage) are about to be slashed by a third, with many already fully-enrolled sections being unceremoniously dropped.