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Less important than the weather

Not bothering with images to save space and time, but here's the news:

Another (Shrimper Records), the new Human Hearts album, is now available on CD and as a digital download through Midheaven (my recommendation) and other online retailers. The double 10" vinyl edition, funded through a Kickstarter project (sorry, Joshua), will be available on tour (see below) and (once we're back) mail order.

The Accordion Repertoire (Edge Books), my first full-length collection of poetry, is available through Small Press Distribution (again, my recommendation) and other online retailers.

3) The Human Hearts - that is, Matt Houser (drums) and myself (guitar, songs) - are going on a week-long tour of record stores, living rooms, and, where we couldn't figure out anything else, rock clubs in November. Please come and bring an unconverted friend if you're in the vicinity; we're quite enjoyable.

Mon. 11/12 - Pittsburgh PA - 
Sound Cat Records (6 pm)
Tue. 11/13 - Columbus OH - Used Kids Records (6 pm; with Aloysha Het, Randall Douglas Matson)
Wed. 11/14 - Cincinnati OH - The Comet (with Matthew Shelton, Dana Ward)
Thu. 11/15 - Louisville KY - Solidarity (1609 Bardstown Rd.)
Fri. 11/16 - Durham, NC - Motorco, with Pretty and Nice, Gary B and the Notions
Sat. 11/17 - Washington D.C. - Big Bear Cafe (7:30 pm, with the Tinklers)
Sun. 11/18 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie, with Gashcat
Don't expect anything new here until after we're back. I know I'm playing all this activity down with my usual measured tone, but I'm proud of both the album and the book, pleased to have them out in the world, and excited to see some old and new friends in a bunch of towns I like. (Actually, I've never been to Cincinnati, but Chuck Cleaver said something nice to me once about 15 years ago.)