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not obvious

My acquaintance David Lester, one-half of the redoubtable Mecca Normal, has kindly offered to post one of his paintings here: I'm quite honored, because what David and Jean have done over the years, and how they've done it, have been massively important for me. MN is celebrating their 25th year of music- and politics-making, and David's revisiting some moments in their history. More installments will be popping up here and elsewhere; they'll also be touring the U.S. for most of April. I've you have not seen Mecca Normal, you should. If you have seen Mecca Normal, you should see them again.

David's note: “The politics are not obvious” is a painting I did that a banjo player bought after seeing it displayed when Mecca Normal played a barber shop in Olympia and a bookshop in Seattle during a west coast tour in 2004. The man later sent me a cassette of his banjo playing. He recorded just this one copy to send to me. This was art. This was political.