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I posted a quick piece about the background to my 33 1/3 book at the
run by Powell's books, which is currently running posts by many of the authors in the series. To be honest, I had to write this quickly, and the typos and other infelicities are my fault; I plan to submit a lightly revised version in a couple of day, but it ain't going to get any more substantial, so you might as well read it now. (I don't know quite who thought to head the post with the title of the wrong EC album, but I hope to have that changed soon as well.)

The fact that I make reference to indie-rock's race problem is, locally, coincidental with what's been in the air, as I wrote this several weeks ago, before I knew SFJ's piece was coming out; globally, it is anything but, as it's primarily the fact of having come to know Sasha (and Joshua, among others) that has forced me to think about the issue over the past several years -- or, more precisely, to stop looking for a way not to think about it.

Additionally, this piece on Cass McCombs is the only piece of plain-old record reviewing I've been able to do for what seems like a long time. I would not, myself, have placed "indie-folk" in the subhead.