fjb, local currency: solo 1992-1998 (fayettenam)

the human hearts, civics (tight ship)

the human hearts on myspace

nothing painted blue, taste the flavor (shrimper)

info on older band and solo work; I have no idea who compiled the scarily complete discographies


the smallest thing I've ever noticed

"Psychiatry" and "psychiatrist" are pronounced with an long "i" and a sound somewhere between "uh" and an unsounded schwa; but "psychiatric" is pronounced with a long "e" and an "a" as in "hat." I haven't come up with any cases sufficiently similar, morphemically speaking, to suggest anything about whether this difference is an instance to a rule or an exception to one. (Closest I can come is geriatry/geriatrist/geriatric, but only the third term is in common enough use to be helpful. "Geriatrician," the vowel-values of which are as per "geriatric," is used instead of "geriatrist," and "geriatrics" is the usual term for what "geriatry" would mean. I'm not sure how we should expect these possible but apparently unused forms to be pronounced.)