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While I realize that fewer posts are par for the course over the holidays, at least when one spends same within driving distance of several branches of extended family, noticing last week that I hadn't posted anything between one radio show and the next did give me pause. That's also conventional for the season; I see that Jordan and JIm have taken stock of their own blogtivity in the last few days. As for me: this may just be a bad patch, but I'm not sure that this return to the 'sphere is working out all that well. As opposed to the scattershot, involuted and paratactic approach I stumbled into at konvolut m, my explicit (to myself) project, this time around, has been to write reasonably manageable and self-contained notes on discrete topics, generally one per post. I suppose the aim was to be more readable, and to have somewhere to say my piece without documenting every passing impression.

Unfortunately, it turns out that I was much better at the drunkard's walk! Trying to turn every item I want to register into a mini- or even a micro-essay feels awfully artificial, and I'm having the same sorts of trouble meeting my own standards, as to both style and insight, that have gradually worn me down from a prolific songwriter to a barely active one, and from being a near-pro freelancer to resiting pitching even alt-weekly half-pagers because I know how much self-torture I'll endure on the way to a serviceable lead graf. The thought that such an arc accompanies something as paltry as my attempts to maintain an "online presence" is, to repeat a word I'm aware I overuse, dispiriting. (Other factors: the addition of photos and music also contributes something to my blockage; the old blog had a strict text-and-links-only policy/constraint, and while I like the greater range of possibility I've allowed myself here, the uploading involves means budgeting more time per post.)

I'm about to move cross-country again in ten days, so it's true that I'm even more disconnected than usual, and probably shouldn't expect myself to sparkle for a while. But once I'm settled, some happy medium has to be found between what I spilled/filed at the previous location and what I've been trying without notable success to build at this one. Really, if I can't find a form in which to tell you that I saw Inland Empire and Cluny Brown (above), and that Lynch is no Lubitsch, why do I even keep this url?

I appeal more than usually to what readers I have for counsel.