fjb, local currency: solo 1992-1998 (fayettenam)

the human hearts, civics (tight ship)

the human hearts on myspace

nothing painted blue, taste the flavor (shrimper)

info on older band and solo work; I have no idea who compiled the scarily complete discographies



kspc, 2-4 p.m.

create(!) -- six dreams divided -- a prospect of freedom (sounds are active) [new so. cal. out/jazz sextet inc. pomona college alum lynn johnston, which made me dig out the next three recs, all of which he's on)
motor totemist guild -- felis felicific -- contact with veils (rotary totem) [v. claremont -- I think the leader was either a prof. or the spouse of one]
slovenly -- diminished ideal -- thinking of empire (SST, 1986)
cruel frederick -- dee dee -- we are the music we play (SST, 1991) [also feat. poet/translator/editor guy bennett on bass!; this was kinda the left coast ans. to the lounge lizards, here doing an ornette head)

[better get back to new bins]
amy millan -- headsfull -- honey from the tomb (arts & crafts) [bss/stars gal; less feist-y, more folksy]
jordan o'jordan -- blame fashion -- not style nor season nor hard-handed lesson (columbus discount) [y'know, "freak folk" now makes "anti-folk" slightly more palatable]
jeffrey & jack lewis -- anxiety attack -- city & eastern songs (anxiety attack)
james william hindle -- birthday candles -- town feeling

susan christie -- for the love of a soldier -- paint a lady (b-music)
junior panthers -- no turning back -- derelicts (get lost)
relay -- driver -- type/void (bubblecore)
the receiver -- in tunnels -- decades (stunning models on display) [also from columbus; someone call the gray's anatomy music supervisor]

john weise -- catwoman-A -- teenage hallucinations 1992-1999 (tronik) [total fucking needle-pegging power electronic noise
caribou -- thistles and felt -- up in flames (domino/leaf)
ho-ag -- invitation to a beheading -- pray for the worms (hive 35)
esg -- i'd do it for you -- keep on moving (soul jazz)

gina lamour & the castanets -- i yi yi yi yi (i like you very much) -- 7" (island) [1984; cover of a harry warren song sung by xavier cougat lina romay in an andy hardy movie; kinda the '30s version of "hips don't lie," here given the toto coelo (sp?) all-cheese treatment]
buzy -- dyslexique -- 7" (arabella) [the poor man's lio?]
the kidnapped -- say no to the macho -- 7" (maquis) [1979; not quite as good as the title promises, and about as punk as the boomtown rats]
martha & the muffins -- twenty-two in cincinnati -- 7" (1981 b-side; very hannetty -- turns out to credit daniel lanois as producer)
ultravox -- rockwrock -- 7" (island) [1977; pre-first lp, before the numanisms took over; in essence, an early roxy cop, complete w/ sax]
telex -- spike jones -- 7" (flarenasch) [1986; could be an art of noise parody. we're they french or b
silver leaf -- can we rebuild our city -- 7" ("a major record company") [no year; resembles marianne faithful whinging about urban blight over smoove jazz; excellent]

mixel pixel -- i cannot die -- music for plants (kanine) [fits all too well w/ previous set]
liars -- a visit from drum -- drum's not dead (mute) [they've gone off their nut]
bright light fever -- how much is that gun -- the evening owl (stolen transmission)
sharp ease -- hands -- remain instant ep (olfactory) [damn -- if i'd known this l.a. band's singer sounded so much like deborah iyall, i'd have been all over 'em earlier]
the pope -- free tibet -- 7" (yosada) [from boise, ID -- fucked up, in a pleasingly outmoded way]
misha mengelberg -- rollo II -- who's bridge (jaspac)

nick lowe & dave edmunds -- poor jenny -- 7" of everly bros. covers, given away w/ rockpile's seconds of pleasure
everly bros. -- radio & tv -- gone gone gone (warners) [yet another single that didn't go anywhere]