fjb, local currency: solo 1992-1998 (fayettenam)

the human hearts, civics (tight ship)

the human hearts on myspace

nothing painted blue, taste the flavor (shrimper)

info on older band and solo work; I have no idea who compiled the scarily complete discographies


playlist, kspc 2-4 p.m.

"are you ready for star time?"

james brown -- intro/i'll go crazy/try me/think -- live at the apollo
shout out out out -- don't you feel electrical -- not saying/just saying (normals welcome)
jel f/wise intelligent -- wbd -- 12" (anticon)

novalima -- zambo lando -- afro (quango)
linton kwesi johnson -- it noh funny -- reggae greats (mango/island)
unique poody -- front stage gyul -- exposer ep (coral)
syclops -- mom, the video broke -- fourtet dj kicks comp (k7)

richard buckner -- lucky -- meadow (merge) [hmm, doug gillard and steve goulding as sidemen]
buckner/langford -- the inca princess -- the dark invader vs. the fanglord (buried treasure) [man, I'm blowing it today; first 30 secs in 'cue' mode = dead air]
weird weeds -- nose to the your arms -- weird feelings (saa)
meat purveyors -- hot blooded -- someday soon things will be much worse (bloodshot) [see, the classics work in any genre]

archie bronson outfit -- rituals -- derdangderdang (domino)

the doll -- cinderella with a husky voice -- 7" (beggars banquet) [1979; BB26!]
moroccos -- 3d sound -- 7" (t.m.i.) [philly, 1982; more of a proto-jangle/bongos thing]
public servants -- jungle hotel -- 7" (j. edible) [1980; apparently an early project of philip johnston's, w/ shelley hirsch, bill horvitz and other downtowners in a rare almost-pop moment; think yoko fronting the waitresses)
davey payne -- saxophone man -- 7" (stiff/horn) [1979; seems to be some short-lived stiff sub-imprint; beggars description]

shapes and sizes -- island's gone bad -- s/t (athsmatic kitty) [practically the only thing I've ever liked on this label]
modern life is war -- first and ellen -- my love my way (deathwish)
men's recovery project -- the couch -- the very best of (5rc)
head -- i can't stop (mental metal mix) -- i can't live without my radio, comp. dj morpheus (tigersushi) [the dj's note to bambatta/lydon's "world destruction" says: "b52's-like."]
soft pink truth -- make up -- do you party? (soundslike) [vanity 6 cover w/ bevin blechtum]

fab five freddy -- change the beat -- the celluloid years (collision)
glass candy -- life after sundown -- 12" (troubleman)
cause co-motion -- only fade away -- 7" (cake shop split w/ jowe head; how does a lower east side band in 2006 sound this much like meat whiplash?)
the isles -- summer loans -- perfumed lands (melodic)
everly bros. -- why not -- the new album (warners) [great j.d. loudermilk song; prob. rec. about '60, not released until a later odds/sods rec]