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Let's cut the self-pity and head straight for the self-promotion, shall we? Civics, the first release by The Human Hearts -- which consists of me and, where and when available, people who play and sing better than me -- is out as of Monday on Chicago's Tight Ship Records. (The website gives the impression that it's an LP, as in vinyl. This is not the case.) Two tracks (one a piece of yacht-rock about Amway; the other my imitation of Ben Folds trying to add a track to Baader-Meinhof) are available as mp3s on the release and order page; another, plus a live version of a tune I haven't officially recorded yet and may switch out for something new when I feel like it, can be heard, in an inevitable yet already passe move, here.

Please note that the disc is essentially a mail-order item. Promotion? You're staring at it; please pardon me if some of you also happen to receive an email pesterning you about the release.

An entirely different version of the band plays way out in the desert on Saturday and a live session airs on Indie 103 Sunday (see "mere appearances"); and then we're moving. I'll let this note hang out here for the Monday morning crowd; the next time you hear from me, sometime next week, I'll be in the Hudson Valley.


NYCers should consider seeing Ace In The Hole (Billy Wilder, 1951), a characteristically corrosive look at "human interest" journalism with a needle-pegging performance by a strutting, sure-of-it-all Kirk Douglas. Not on DVD, though I assume the restoration means it will be soon. Seriously: hot movie -- I'm annoyed that I won't get down to the city by the 18th.

Angelenos should consider seeing Los Abandoned at Amoeba Hollywood. Their full-length Mixtape (Vapor) gets over both on their own power pop en espanol writing/playing, and on ex-Pulsar David Trumfio's canny, confectionary production; this made my singles ballot (more on which later, maybe?). Blink and you'll miss the line about class. Haven't seen 'em live -- I'm annoyed that I'm already out of the city by the 18th.