fjb, local currency: solo 1992-1998 (fayettenam)

the human hearts, civics (tight ship)

the human hearts on myspace

nothing painted blue, taste the flavor (shrimper)

info on older band and solo work; I have no idea who compiled the scarily complete discographies


upper limit showtunes!

kspc, 2-4 p.m.

christine ebersole -- my revolutionary costume -- grey gardens ocr (ps classics)
comet gain -- mainlining mystery -- beautiful despair 12" (what's your rupture)
born ruffians -- this sentence will ruin/save your life -- s/t (warp)
stylex -- ICE -- tight scrapes (pretend)

archie bronson outfit -- dead funny -- 7" (domino)
guther -- many frames per second -- sundet (terrorbird)
maher shalal hash baz -- faux depart -- faux depart (yik yak) ["a song that starts with a mistake"]
deerhoof -- dead beast queen -- holdypaws (krs)
the channel -- sneaks or skates? -- sybilline machine (c-side) [sic]

night doctor -- hit and miss affair -- 7" (race) [1981 coxsone dodd-prod. dub plate)
lord melody/cook calypso ensemble -- si senor -- compatible calypso (cook)
psycho on da bus -- afropusher man -- comet afro beats (comet)
paul robeson -- the four insurgent generals -- songs of free men (columbia)

tony allen f/eska -- what's your fashion -- comet afrom beats (comet) [mistake, but it's a comp, so not much harm...]
forro in the dark f/david byrne -- asa branca -- bonfires of sao joao (nublu) [a logical enough lead in to--]


leif garrett -- bits and pieces -- can't explain (scotti bros.) [1980; total ringer, yes, and not a patch on shaun cassidy's under wraps, but at 1:53, this dave clark 5 cover is pretty cool]
the pop -- shakeaway -- 7" (arista) [1979; v. jags-ish; earle mankey prod.]
nude ants -- in business/car that goes -- search for tornado victims (new deal) [1982; rec'd in briarcliff and mamaroneck, n.y.!]
the passage -- the animal in me -- 7" (cherry red) [1982; synth-not-v.-pop group i've ever known from seeing their records used]

drop the line -- butterscotch -- we never sleep (tigerbeat 6) [grimy]
strange fruit project f/thesis -- special -- the healing (om) [nu-soul-y, grew on me...]
jel -- wmd -- soft money (anticon)
uno the prophet -- officer down -- paris present hard truth soldiers (guerrila funk comp.)

the leather uppers -- halfway houseboat -- bright lights (goner)
necropolis -- stalking mark e. smith around nyc -- 7" (columbus discount records) [!!!]
the lucky bishops -- st. ives -- unexpect the expected (camera obscura)
golden boots -- rats from the hounds/rotten fruit -- untitled 3-band split (nightpass)

dead c -- bitcher -- vain, erudite, and stupid (badabing)
the black neon -- ralph & barbara -- arts & crafts (memphis industries) [posery in a d. warhols way, but still a decent song]
everly bros. -- leave my girl alone -- in our image (warner's/collector's choice) [great 1965 flop single]