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day of rest

1) This long interview with Bernadette Mayer by Adam Fitzgerald is one of the best I've ever read, with anybody.

AF: So the correlation between suffering and art, that’s a myth?

BM: [Laugh] I laugh at those ideas. It seems trivial to make that comparison. It trivializes both the art and the suffering. I mean, really, you have to suffer to make art? Give me a break.

2) I'm quite taken with this poem (among others) from Ron Padgett's newish How Long:

I'll Get Back to You

What was I thinking about
a few minutes ago when
another through
swept me away?
Can't I have (pepper)
several thoughts at the same time
(carnival midway) or go back and forth
between (hyphen) them?
I guess so!
But since people (ooga) don't
like that kind of thinking (factory)
we don't do it (doghouse) much.
I never wanted to live (tree)
in a doghouse.
Now to get back (folking
map) to that earlier thought.
(President is guarding it.)
(No sense in asking him for it.)
It had something to do
with numbers (flying up
all over the place) and how
(smoke) sequence has properties
that (gleaming faucets) induce
certain thoughts and feelings,
such as reassurance.
I guess that's a good argument
for linearity. Don't you prefer
linearity in the long run
(Low clouds over the winter field.)