fjb, local currency: solo 1992-1998 (fayettenam)

the human hearts, civics (tight ship)

the human hearts on myspace

nothing painted blue, taste the flavor (shrimper)

info on older band and solo work; I have no idea who compiled the scarily complete discographies


19. Big Dipper, Supercluster

(Merge, 2008)

Reviewed for Village Voice.

[P.S.: Though this is a 3-CD set, I can really only count the disc of unreleased material into the tally here, as Boo Boo/Heavens/Craps have bulked large in my cosmology for 20 years or so. Curiously, a number of demos I've had a on a decaying tape (perhaps acquired through John Henderson?) for almost that long didn't make the cut: "She Skates" and "The Painting Game" merit official release. The Southpaw show, btw, was more satisfying than Maxwell's the previous night, though the scene was pretty time-warpy.]