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walk into it like it's yours

I always promised myself that if I ever fooled around with mp3 posting, this would be the inaugural track. "Shake Your Fat Fanny" is a rent party piano solo from 1929, and -- according to the notes to Shake Your Wicked Knees (Yazoo) -- the only recording credited to elusive St. Louis player Jim Clarke. Too bad: I've seen this described as a variant of "Pinetop's Boogie," but the delicate intra-stomp sections have a feel of their own. I'm not qualified to claim that performances of this sort were the first dance-instructional songs in American popular music -- but I'd like to imagine that this one contains the first recorded use of the phrase "Get up offa that thing." "Sally Long," by the way, may be derived from the minstrel song "(Miss) Lucy Long" -- in any case, it's a dance I wouldn't mind knowing how to do.

Oh: When I do this, I'll probably leave the songs up for 2 to 3 weeks, or however long my bandwidth at BlogAmp allows. (And props to Poplicks for the app.)

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