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"just about fiction"

I can't figure out the purpose of the following exchange, which took place last Saturday --

Young Man with Clipboard outside Amoeba: Can I ask you a few questions?

Me [defenses down, for some reason]: OK.

YMCOA: Do you ever read fiction?

Me: I've been known to.

YMCOA: What genres do you read?

Me: I guess I mostly read contemporary and classic "literary" fiction. [Not exactly accurate, and I'm not sure I've named a genre, but it seemed like the answer that would make the most sense.]

YMCOA: Any mysteries, science-fiction, things like that?

Me: Some science fiction, off and on, that's about it.

YMCOA: What attracts you to science fiction?

Me: Oh, I grew up with it, so every so often I check something out -- not as much as when I was a kid. [Again, there's a longer/better answer, but I'm not feeling that I need to bring my A game.]

YMCOA [consulting his script]: Do you know why the '30s and '40s are called the Golden Age of Science Fiction?

Me: Because pulps like Astounding and Amazing were in their heyday, and writers like Asimov and Heinlein were establishing the genre's conventions.

YMCOA: All right! What do you think of L. Ron Hubbard?

Me [penny dropping, rueful smile]: I think he was a respectable fiction writer, but I'm not at all interested in Scientology.

YMCOA [also w/ odd smile]: It's okay, this interview is just about fiction. So, have you read anything by him?

Me: Probably some of his old short stories, a long time ago, but not Battlefield: Earth or anything recent.

YMCOA: All right -- thank you for your time.