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the human hearts, civics (tight ship)

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nothing painted blue, taste the flavor (shrimper)

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it's the economy

Accomplishing in under three minutes what took Sofia C. over two hours: "Marie Antoinette," (play above; d/l here) by Wanda Riberio de Vasconcelos, a.k.a. Lio. Fans of the Belgian/Portugese yeye/new wave nymphet (eventually to become, let us note, a respected actress in the likes of Chantal Ackerman's The Eighties) will recognize that the music derives in all essentials from her signature hit, 1980's "Banana Split," itself a nod to the "innocent" orality of France Gall's Gainsbourg-penned "Les Sucettes." Two years later, for the recently reissued Suite Sixtine, writer/producers Eric Dierks-Hagen, Jacques Duvall and Jay Alanski commissioned English lyrics (not translations, per se) to her earlier singles from Sparks' Ron and Russell Mael, just then in their marvelous Whomp That Sucker/Angst In My Pants phase. The brothers' peculiar variety of blank irony is evident on several tracks ("Clothes; they're worn most every place"), but the one posted is the most entertaining by some distance. Yes, the lyric is a bit tossed-off , but this is somehow as it should be, and the glancing references to Acapulco, Argentina, and Pasadena (very KROQ, that) as possible sites of asylum make up for the lazy "head"/"head" rhyme. Is there a term for the spatial equivalent of anachronism?